I’m making the sodding coffee. I mean c’mon, won’t your bloke be missing you? How about Jack? Has he seen Jack? They always get jealous when they meet Jack.

Owen Harper 

(Torchwood: A Day In The Death [S02E08])

OWEN: What happened to that, um, pool tournament you were organizing? 
TOSH: That? It was never a tournament. 
OWEN: What was all that about, then? 
TOSH: It was supposed to be a date. 
OWEN: Sorry? 
TOSH: I was asking you out on a date. 
OWEN: A … a date? 
TOSH: You didn’t realize? 
OWEN: You and me? 
TOSH: Yeah. 
OWEN: I see. And … you still want that? 
TOSH: Yeah. 
OWEN: Right. 
TOSH: I just thought if we spent some time together, an evening … 
OWEN: All right. 
TOSH: Sorry? 
OWEN: Just do it. 
TOSH: Are you being sarcastic? 
OWEN: No. 
TOSH: You’re being polite. You’ll stand me up. 
OWEN: No, I’ve just said yes, haven’t I? Look, one date, see how it goes, which might be nowhere. 
TOSH: That’s fine. A drink. 
OWEN: Okay. 
TOSH: Yeah. 
OWEN: And I’m going to keep flirting with people, okay? Just cos of this, doesn’t mean I’m going to stop flirting. 
TOSH: You can be king of flirts. 
OWEN: Okay. Right, then.

i was so happy for Tosh at this moment, and nearly as shocked as she was. him being sarcastic wouldn’t’ve surprised me either. lol glad he said yes. wish we would’ve been able to see them on their date. :-/

Barrowman-ILove: GIFlix #1

I love these things. GIFs making such amusing, fun little, time-waster stories. xD They way I do it is look through my tagged/gif tag and obviously count down the first number GIF that’s asked for, then when it gets to the next, count that number down to the next.
(Ex. 7th, then count 10 more down to the next, 15 to the next, etc etc.)

Your walking along the street alone, on your way to a friends party that you really didn’t want to go to. You’re in charge of refreshments, and so bailing out isn’t exactly an option. You trudge along miserably, arms full with party goods -you’d already dropped a couple bottles of the liquor your bestie told you was absolutely essential on the way out the store- and struggling to keep hold of the rest, and then just your luck, you spot Captain Jack Harkness..
(7th GIF in your folder is your reaction)

He smiles at you from across the street…
(10th GIF in your folder is your reaction)

Then starts to walk towards you, and you nearly drop everything ..
(15th GIF in your folder is your reaction)

You do your best to regain your composure, setting the items down at your feet, but this is all you can muster..
(37th GIF in your folder is your reaction)

And he looks at you like…
(52nd GIF in your folder)

..but then laughs.
He holds out his hand, “Captain Jack Harkness. And you are?”
(31st GIF in your folder is your reaction)

You tell him your name, grinning widely, hoping that he can’t tell that on the inside you’re really like…
(18th GIF in your folder is your reaction)

"Nice to meet you, _____." He still hasn’t let go of your hand, and he looks right at you, smiling deliciously, "Need any help?"
(69th GIF in your folder is your reaction)

You accept his offer gratefully, and he bends down and picks up the bulk of your purchases, and you grab the rest and begin to walk again, Jack close behind you. By the time you get to your destination your mood has done a complete turn-around…
(22nd GIF in your folder)

You knock of the door, almost hoping no one answers so you can direct Jack back to your place..
(19th GIF in your folder)

Unfortunately your friend answers, by-passes you and makes a beeline for the gorgeous specimen you’ve picked up on the way..
(43rd GIF in your folder)

"Captain Jack Harkness. And you are?"


i miss the old team. :-‘(

i miss the old team. :-‘(

You guys can now reach us at BARROWMAN-ILOVE.COM :-) bought a the domain for 2 years, and if ur still with me after then I’ll renew it. :-)!! crying again. wtf is wrong w/ me!! xD

broke down putting this together/re-watching this ep, as I saw how Janto all began. Lot of sweet moments between them, and showing how much Ianto really cares for Jack. It’s terrible (being, of course, that it kills me to watch these moments now) yet wonderful at the same time. :-‘)

(:-( Awe, Ianto. *hugz*)

Jack: Weapons…
Jack: And the others.
John: You know me, I’m a two weapon man.
Gwen: Pistols strapped to each leg, laser knife behind his elbow, battalion of small grenades.

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