very hot scene! had to pretend i didn’t care for it when watchin with my sister (as i’ll have to do when i watch it w/ my mom tomoro), but immediately after went to my room and put on my headphones to watch it fully. dayummmm!!

i knew this lil ‘cleanse’/Shane’s abstinence from sex, was gunna fail. I gotta give her credit tho for sticking it out this long because i expected her to crack long ago. haha

mmm, and i said it before and i’ll say it again - i wud do anything to make out w/ kat/shane. omfg u hav no idea!! O__O

is it bad, (apart from the whole hole in my boob tht’d make, and the whole agonizing pain and scarring bit), i want to be next in line for Lestat to nibble on? :P”

Ohh dayummmm .. to walk in on that …omg xP” we’re talkin serious lady-boner. Poor Shane, actually, Lucky Shane!!


really all i have to say about this deliciousness. xD