mom is always pestering me about having kids..

…and I was really thinking about that the other day. I do not want them really, but I suppose I could change my mind one day if I meet that special someone, but thing is you may know, I am much more attracted to women than men and I actually am hoping I wind up with a woman (I’m of course not going to object to a guy, because when it comes down to it, love is love and I really don’t have a choice who I fall in love with), but yeah … I hope to be with a woman.

if this is the case, obviously biologically that makes this impossible, but what I really want to do is this. I would want to take the egg from me and put it in her and whatnot so she carries the baby or vice versa (though getting preggers is not something i ever want to do, no matter what my standing is on children). That way the baby would have a good connection to us both. There’s that mother-child 9-month bond and then the biological one. 

I somehow got onto this topic with my mother and she looks at me and goes …’That is actually a really good idea!’

I’m quite set on doing this should I end up settling down with a woman and should we want children.