she looks so beautiful!! :-)

jack has come to save the day!

kinda sad tht Rhys saved her from the evil alien baby, but then Jack shows up and explodes the mom aand she’s all like ‘OMG JACK!!’ XD just wanna hug Rhys ..and unfortunately, i might show a little more excitement for Jack also (honestly). *hugz Rhys*

lol tht last gif. ‘Come back Jack! *realizes Rhys is standing right there* Oh shit! Heyy babe!! xD’

Mmm dayumm! that 7th GIF. Can’t see John completely, I know, but even from the side we can see and the way he’s no doubt staring tht other guy down I’m getting all hot. xD Do u think these two had a thing or this just some real up in your face conversating goin on? xP Either way, whatever that scene turns out to be I’m sure I’ll be ecstatic.

I am soo pumped for Miracle Day tonight, it’s insane. Judging by the trailer some pretty serious shit is going down and I saw an alien. MD’s first alien!! Hooray.

(this is from the trailer put out a little while back, btw, and you can watch that here)

You guys can now reach us at BARROWMAN-ILOVE.COM :-) bought a the domain for 2 years, and if ur still with me after then I’ll renew it. :-)

cute moment between gwen and rhys. had to screen. i’m not a shipper but i’m sure someone is :-D

Jack: You told Rhys?
Gwen: I’ve only just found out myself.
Jack: Oh, You told me before you told him, he is gunna love that!