This is so beautiful! I had to watch it a few times, and each time I did the smile I was sporting nearly teared my cheeks it was so big. : ‘)


JOSH: I just, like day I want, like, my son to come home from school and be like ‘I found this guy and I LOVE HIM!’ and I’mma be like ‘Yes you do, and that’s okay!’ Like, you know, I so want that.


Okay, so uhm .. Josh? …Marry me? Please?? :’)

Include Me - Sara Em

There should be more like Dylan in the world :-‘)

So I was chatting with some friends about what they’re going to do for their bf/gfs for V-Day and somehow conversation diverted to how they met their significant others (depressing for me considering I got no one. DX), and my friend Dylan had us all in tears when he finished his story. The world would be a much better place if there were more people like him in it. I asked him if it’d be okay to tell you guys about it and he agreed, so here we go. 

I was there when my friends Dylan and Tasha met, and if you knew these two then you’d know that they are absolutely made for each-other. It was some party or something, several years ago (back when I went out more with friends xD and when I wasn’t so introverted). I was with Tasha and two other friends of mine just kind of sitting there in the corner (I went out more back then, yes, doesn’t mean I was any more social back then than I am now. Lol), anyway, and there was this guy not far away at a table looking our way. It was Dylan.

Now, yes, he is quite the looker I would say, so naturally me and my friends are sitting there trying to avoid eye contact and keep our giggling to a low volume. Don’t think we succeeded with that because he ended up coming over and soon he’s standing by the table around where Tash was sitting. He asks if anyone was sitting in the empty chair next to her and I shook my head so he sat down. Before he could say a thing to her Tasha’s all like, “okay dude, before you even bother… D’ya know I used to be a dude?” 

Okay, so I’m sitting there probably with the stupidest look on my face trying to figure out whether or not she actually just said that. Totally shocked. Not that she was a boy, but that she blurted it out like that to him. 

Yes, Tasha used to be Tyler. Did I forget to mention that? Oh, we’ll now you know. XD

So ya, after she says this Dylan looks at her for a moment or two, perhaps wondering if she’s for real or was just saying that to get him to screw off; but then I guess judging by the look on her face when she said it, he realized she was serious. 

He goes something like, “Wow! Really?” before giving her the obvious once over again. (Don’t recall what she was wearing, I think some dress or skirt or something, but FYI Tasha is BEAUTIFUL and was always being hit on, so ya..). Then he’s like “well.. You’re a beautiful woman now so makes no difference to me.” 

I remember being completely floored when he said it the first time actually being there, and re-hearing this story still has the same effect. Isn’t that amazing?? Why can’t everyone be that way. 

Dylan is straighter than straight, really, but he’s said that gender isn’t important before (though I could never see him with a guy, he claims even though it might be a struggle that he would go for it if he really loved this other dude). He says that if Tasha had’ve still been male at the time that he never would have gone over to her honestly, and that’s cause simply “guys don’t do it” for him. So there would be that physical barrier there that would have stopped him from finding his soulmate when she was right there in front of him the whole time. 

It honestly took him a while, so he says, to adjust to the fact that Tasha wasn’t born female, but it didn’t really upset him. He was just weirded out a bit in the beginning. But it didn’t last long because he knew from early on that this was the person he wanted to be with for the rest of his life. And he’s often gotten to the point of tears thinking about what if Tasha didn’t transition, because because of physical attraction before he even met her, if she was a man that would be a missed opportunity because he probably never would have gone over there. And now that he’s with her he cannot imagine his world without her. 

Makes you think a little. How many times could you really find love but because it’s not in the package you were hoping for or expecting, you walk right on past.

I have so much respect for Tasha. Had my friend not had the nerve to go through her transition then very likely her and Dylan would not be together today. I’m a big romantic so for me that’s heart-breaking. I so wish I was/could be as strong as her. Fortunately for me I was born female and I’ve never felt like I should’ve been otherwise, so I don’t have to do that whole transition. Honestly, I don’t think I could do it. I’d just spend the rest of my life miserable in a body that wasn’t mine. 

Anyway, Tash and Dylan are still together now and he’s constantly going on about how thankful he is that Tyler James Montgomery (Tasha) was born because if he wasn’t, Dylan would not have met the woman he loves more than the world to this day — Tasha. 



COLONEL: Do you agree that the military codes of conduct be strictly adhered to at all times?
SASHA: I always have… until now.
COLONEL: I’m sorry?
SASHA: One of the things that is asked of us when we go to the front lines is that we be prepared to be separated from the people that we love, and we ask it of them too. We ask them to go and let us fight for their freedom, maybe to never come home; and when we do come home, we feel blessed. It seems so wrong now to have my personal freedom denied to me within my own country. It seems wrong to watch the person that I love be interrogated like a criminal when she did nothing wrong.
COLONEL: Person you love? To whom are you referring, Captain Williams?
SASHA: Alice Pieszecki, Colonel.
ALICE: So, what happened in there?
SASHA: I told them I love you.

I loved this bit so much. :-‘)

It’s ridiculous to me that in the world that we live in, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done for the country in serving in the war and fighting for our freedom, if you are gay. It’s like saying it means nothing to them that you risked your own life because they’d rather be praising heterosexual war heroes for what they’ve done for us. A soldier, is a soldier, and they all should be treated with respect and be shown our gratitude for what they’ve done and continue to do so we can live free. Sexual orientation shouldn’t make any difference. It makes no sense to me.

I hope that we manage to move past this, like we did with the black-white segregation thing way back when. I know racism is still out there but it’s no where near as bad as it used to be. I see that Sasha is a black woman in the army, and me with my black background is jumping up and down still to this day when I see even a black and white couple or something. I’m hoping that soon it’ll be okay to be black, a woman, and gay -all three of those things- and still be a soldier. :-)

I really hope to live to see the day when sexual orientation is no longer an issue.

watch this and listen to I Drive Alone by Esthero from the soundtrack for this scene. soo hot!!

i seriously want a go next w/ Shane, so hurry up lady!!

I am in love with someone else… her name, is Luce.
Whatever you choose to do from here, we’ll support you, we always will. But please, my darling …follow your heart.

i cried at this bit because my parents (well, my dad at least) would be screaming his head off and threatening to disown me, i’m sure, if he found this out, but her dad’s #1 focus was his daughters happiness and that she go for love no matter the gender of that person she’s fallen for.