I’m making the sodding coffee. I mean c’mon, won’t your bloke be missing you? How about Jack? Has he seen Jack? They always get jealous when they meet Jack.

Owen Harper 

(Torchwood: A Day In The Death [S02E08])

23rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards Nominees Announced


Yay for Torchwood!! (old, but who cares)

My absolute favourite make-out scenes with my two most favourite OTPs. Captain Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones (Janto) from Torchwood, and Agron/Nasir (Nagron) from Spartacus Vengeance

I just had to do this because I just couldn’t help myself (well, that and I never get tired of watching these scenes so any excuse is a good one for me to re-watch o’er and o’er again). If you want to watch, message me and I’ll see if I can’t find links for those who haven’t seen either of these shows. :-)

poor weevil

poor weevil

OWEN: What happened to that, um, pool tournament you were organizing? 
TOSH: That? It was never a tournament. 
OWEN: What was all that about, then? 
TOSH: It was supposed to be a date. 
OWEN: Sorry? 
TOSH: I was asking you out on a date. 
OWEN: A … a date? 
TOSH: You didn’t realize? 
OWEN: You and me? 
TOSH: Yeah. 
OWEN: I see. And … you still want that? 
TOSH: Yeah. 
OWEN: Right. 
TOSH: I just thought if we spent some time together, an evening … 
OWEN: All right. 
TOSH: Sorry? 
OWEN: Just do it. 
TOSH: Are you being sarcastic? 
OWEN: No. 
TOSH: You’re being polite. You’ll stand me up. 
OWEN: No, I’ve just said yes, haven’t I? Look, one date, see how it goes, which might be nowhere. 
TOSH: That’s fine. A drink. 
OWEN: Okay. 
TOSH: Yeah. 
OWEN: And I’m going to keep flirting with people, okay? Just cos of this, doesn’t mean I’m going to stop flirting. 
TOSH: You can be king of flirts. 
OWEN: Okay. Right, then.

i was so happy for Tosh at this moment, and nearly as shocked as she was. him being sarcastic wouldn’t’ve surprised me either. lol glad he said yes. wish we would’ve been able to see them on their date. :-/

FAN: What’s something about working with John Barrowman that the fans might now know.
MATT: Ooo gosh. The things about John Barrowman the fans don’t know …cannot be said, in public. Uh..but actually, uh.. probably as people could guess, he is as wonderfully insane as you might guess. It’s.. it’s not an act. He is wonderfully insane… and makes.. he made going to work every day a treat. I know that people say that all the time, like on DVD extras… ‘Oh my god, it was so fun working with blahty blahty blah’, but no, actually, with John Barrowman, every day was like, it was like showing up to the playground, cause he treats the set like a playground. It was awesome! I’d do it again. I’d kiss him again!
FAN: Wouldn’t everyone.
MATT: Don’t tell him I said that. 
x ]

DANIELE: How was it.. How did you like kissing John Barrowman… and I said..and I said.. Well, he’s got great lips! … I was concentrating on that. It was fun.. It’s Jack Harkness, you know..

i adore hearing co-stars talk about John. :-) [ x ]